Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA)

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Incompetence does not even begin to describe these morons (owners and especially the installer).

Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA) should NOT be one your list of places to get a referral from and certainly do not have the perform an "work" for you.

Avoid Keystone Window of Philadelphia (Hatfield, PA) at all costs. Don't get suckered in by their pricing or "commitment to quality work", shop around and find a reputable and knowledgeable window and door installation company. A quick Google search will help you find a company that actually knows what they are doing.









Review about: Keystone Windows Windows Installation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United States #779472

As the owner of Keystone Window, we prefer not to comment from such criticism by a jealous competitor. This industry is full of these kinds of people and companies.

A real customer complaint would post their name and address so we could correct any issues.

Believe maybe 50% of what u read from these unaudited sites. Thank you, Rob Mato

Keystone Window - They've been great !!!!!!

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The New Director at Keystone is wonderful, He has treated our people with the respect people desreve. John has been an asset to the company, while it is a compliment even under normal circumstances, he has brought the company back from the brink to a company well worth dealing with and might i go as far as recommending dealing with him and his staff.

Payment has been on time if not early and pleasureable, due to his understanding and ability to rectify problems quickly. he will no doubt take the company to the next level and well beyond unlike the management Bob (the has been , manager in the past) has been able to do. Keep on doing what you do John !!!!

Thanks for all your help and understanding of how things work in the real world. No doubt this guy truly knows his stuff.

Review about: Positive Experience.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #765723

Nice line of BS fro the owners. Self posting reviews = lame

Keystone Windows, Rob Mato's New Scam

Eatontown, New Jersey 9 comments
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. In 2010, Rob Mato came to our house as the owner and salesman for Window World of Philadelphia.

He gave us the same pitch he has on his new website that as the owner he could personally guarentee the product and the work. We purchased windows, siding, and doors from him. In March 2012, a piece of our siding blew off the house. When i contacted him, he told me he lost his Widow World franchise (Now I Can See Why) and that he was not responsible for any warranty.

I reminded him that he said he personally guarenteed his products and work, and since he had a new window company he should honor his word. He told to contact the new locale Window World, "Window World of the Tri State Area" and gave me their phone number off the top of his head. (How strange that he knew the number) I contacted them and spoke to the manager, Mr. Connelly.

I explained my situation to him and he told me that Window World would honor all product warranties but installation warranties with Window World have always been for 1 year. Some how he sensed my frustration and offered to have someone come to my home and put my siding back on the house.

I am now telling everyone I know to use Window World, and telling them to stay away from Keystone Windows.

Keystone new motto is "TRUST BUILT INTO EVERY JOB" You can trust that they will take your money and pass the buck to the next company to warranty their jobs after they close down. and open another company in a few years.

Review about: Warranty Claim.



rob mato a cheat crook and defames other good window companies.Does not understand how to sell positive without slandering others .Lies about length of business keystone new name no history fake reviews rips off installers that are all sub contractors rob swears installers are his employes lie lie lie what will be you're next new name?


Everyone who tells the truth about this guy is a competitor, former employee, etc. Rob Mato is a crook. Do yourself a favor and do business with a reputable window company.

Hatfield, Pennsylvania, United States #768325

Owner is an ***. Installer is useless.

Look up ripoff in the dictionary and you'll see their pictures. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CLOWNS!

to Keystone Window of PA Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, United States #779474

This is a previous employee complaint that hates life and will do anything for the rest of us to join him. The old company did not want to honor their warranty period is what this boils down to.

Google that old company and u will see hundreds of complaints nationwide how they treat their customers and their own store owners. Pretty sad when MONEY got the best of them.

to Keystone Window of PA Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States #792788

Sounds like another competitor to me. We are a part of the community since 2005, and would NEVER harm a customer.

Our customers are the driving force in our company.

Read and think about this comment, it makes no sense. Thanks, Rob@Keystone Window of Pennsylvania


Rob Mato is as disreputable as they come. STEER CLEAR! :( :( :? :zzz

to Anonymous #792785

Sounds like a competitor to me. Thanks, Rob @Keystone Window

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States #619419

The guy is a crook. I wouldn't do business with him if he were the last window guy on the planet.

to A Mato Victim #792787

Sounds like another competitor to me. If u are a local company connected to the community (like Keystone Window), this complaint makes no sense. Thanks, Rob@keystone Window of Pennsylvania.

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